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We are now able to offer PAP-NAP, a daytime procedure lasting from 2-5 hours which includes a nap of about 2 hours and combines hands on coaching with our technical staff while providing the physiological experience of positive airway pressure therapy in order to enhance PAP therapy adherence in patients who show skepticism or aversion to PAP use.

Objective of the PAP NAP

To assess, address and alleviate physical, mental and emotional barriers in those patients who would benefit from PAP therapy, thereby giving them sufficient confidence to obtain a full night CPAP titration or to utilize CPAP therapy at home. The primary goal is to help the patient use PAP therapy for more than one hour, during which time he or she has the potential to fall asleep with PAP mask in place or to at least report that the experience was not uncomfortable.

Patients Who Will Benefit

• In particular those with co-morbid conditions such as insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, and claustrophobia.

• Those with a strong skepticism about PAP therapy or the possibility of a breathing condition influencing their sleep.

• Patients who have expressed or have the inability to articulate the precise nature of complaints about the breathing mask, i.e. discomfort, shame, embarrassment, fear or anxiety.

• Patients who have tried PAP therapy unsuccessfully.


After polysomnography is performed, the patient should be consulted about sleep disordered breathing, treatment of OSA and discussion of risks and benefits offered from the option of PAP titration. Those diagnosed with OSA who show fear, anxiety, aversion, a sufficient skepticism to PAP therapy, or have any of the above mentioned co-morbidities can be offered the PAP-NAP.

Additionally, patients who are having difficulty using PAP therapy at home may benefit from a PAP-NAP.

The Procedure

An afternoon nap at the sleep center in a comfortable, private and therapeutic environment is scheduled.

Patients will be sent pre-test instructions and questionnaires to help assess possible causes of difficulty with PAP therapy. While in the sleep center, they will receive an introduction to PAP therapy devices and barrier assessment, PAP therapy hook up (only a few electrodes and sensors), and PAP therapy testing.

A report of the outcome of the PAP-NAP will be sent to your office.