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Loved Dr.Mithani! She answered all my questions and also explained why I was feeling the way I did. Will definitely recommend to family and friends!

Dr. Mithani deserves 6 stars !!! I was not feeling well for two months and visited two medical doctors prior to my visit . The two doctors treated me for common cold and sinus infection. Dr. Mithani was able to determined that I was highly allergic to rag weed after a allergy test was given. The doctor also determined that I had asthma that needed to be treated. After a week of medications I was feeling better and I am now completely healed. I am now off all medications. Dr. Mithani seeing that I was sick for so long did everything in my first visit to ensure my health would improve. If you are looking for a doctor that really cares about each and every patient this is the doctor for you. True professional with a incredible staff Maria and Vingela the nurses. Thanks for taking care of me. Robert

Dr. Mithani is the best, I've been coming to this office seeing her for over 4 years . She is very efficient in her examinating, and very thoughtful with any questions I have.. when I go there to get my allergy shots her assistant Maria is the best, she always professional and efficient as well. When it comes to my allergy injections. I would definitely recommend anyone who has allergy symptoms please come visit Dr. Mithani and Maria..,

Very energetic, friendly, and easy to talk too along with the staff. I did not feel "judged" during the visit. She is very understanding, honest, helpful, and you can tell she loves doing what she does!

Dr. Mithani is very knowledgeable about the immune system and allergies. She explained everything to me in such detail. I was blown away by the time and care she puts into taking care of her patients. First allergist that took the time to help me understand what was happening with me due to my health conditions. I highly recommend her. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Dr. Mithani is excellent. The staff is also excellent. The professionalism is beyond expectations. I would recommend Dr. Mithani and her staff to anyone.

Dr. Mithani is outstanding! Fully explained the process for weekly allergy shots which have helped me tremendously. The nurses are great! Very professional and friendly. It is a joy to see the entire staff weekly. Brought my wife in for the same procedure and kids are next. Highly recommend Dr. Mithani for allergy related issues.

Dr. Mithani is great! She listened to my concerns and thoroughly explained everything she prescribed and what to expect. She is very professional but also very personable. Definitely won't hesistate to schedule the next appointment. Maria & Roshni were very helpful as well, they made sure I left with all the right materials (pamphlets, coupons, labs, etc). Overall i had a very satisfying appointment.

Hands down, my first visit to see Dr. Mithani and the facility was the best ever!!!! The facility was clean, in order, and huge. The staff were all friendliness, prompt, and accurate. The people there understood my needs and I didn't feel like I was being rushed. The process to sign in was different for me because they use an electric iPad to fill out paper work as well as making Your co-pay with a single swipe. Love it!!!!!

The diagnosis did not make sense based on my symptoms.

Impressive is all I have to say about this office ! I have been dealing with symptoms for a long time , decades in fact , always thought they were environmental. Turns out , after being asked a lot of questions and a very detailed history taken by this fantastic Dr, she ran tests and blood work and I found out I have a food allergy. After a couple of months I can't believe how much better I feel physically. Basically Dr. Mithani is a skilled physician with impressive clinical skills that not only made me feel better , she has changed my life. Must also mention the professional touch the office staff adds and the Manager is sweet and approachable and helped me tremendously in understanding my insurance benefits. I highly recommend Dr. Mithani and her nurses, her smile and her staff are fantastic . .

Our whole family visits Dr. Mithani for our allergies now. Dr. Mithani is very knowledgeable about her field and very helpful. She and the whole staff are friendly and personable and really make us feel like family when we go there. The front desk staff, the allergy nurses Roshni and Maria, and Dr. Mithani herself are always happy to see us and make our visits helpful and productive, whether it's for weekly allergy shots or our checkups.

I LOVE going to this office - I have had to go once a week for allergy shots and it is the most professional doctor's office I've ever visited. They are friendly, helpful and completely on top of their game. Roshni, Maria RN and the ladies at the front desk deserve special mention - they always seem to have a smile and never miss a beat.... GREAT PRACTICE, GREAT OFFICE!

Dr. Mithani and her staff were so incredibly nice to me. Unfortunately the health issues I have are not caused by allergies so they were not able to help me but I'm so grateful for the time and attention they gave me. I would definitely recommend this office for any allergy or pulmonary issues.